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We invite you to join us

on Sundays for uplifting worship services and throughout the week for Biblical teaching and spiritual fellowship. Experience the warmth of our church family as we grow together in faith and service to others.

  • Experience powerful worship services that uplift and inspire

  • Grow in your faith through engaging Bible studies and transformative teachings

  • Find a loving community where you can grow spiritually and build lasting relationships

  • Discover meaningful opportunities to serve and share God's love with others

  • We are dedicated to embracing God's love and spreading it to everyone around us. At Blue Ridge Church of Christ, you'll find a place of belonging, where you can deepen your relationship with God and others. Come as you are and experience the joy of worshiping, learning, and serving together with a church family that cares for one another.

    Our Story

    Rooted in Faith, Guided by Love

    At Blue Ridge Church of Christ, our journey began over twenty-five years ago when a group of Christians came together to faithfully follow the teachings of Christ and spread the message of God's love to all.

    Building a Faithful Community

    Since our humble beginnings, our church family has grown, becoming a place where people of all backgrounds and walks of life find acceptance, love, and belonging. We are a diverse congregation united on God's word and by a common desire to strengthen our faith and serve others with compassion.

    Living Out God's Word

    Grounded in the Scriptures, we strive to live out God's teachings in every aspect of our lives. Our worship services and Bible studies are designed to challenge and transform us, empowering us to be better disciples of Christ

    Join our Community

    > Open to all, regardless of background

    > Opportunities for worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth

    > Dedicated to service

    > Fostering unity in Christ's love

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    Join Us for Upcoming Events

    We follow the Bible as our sole guide as we practice non-denominational Christianity. Our mission is to equip and support you on your spiritual journey while building a close-knit community of disciples.

      Morning Message - Sunday 9:15 AM

      One of our members presents a short Bible lesson as the fruit of their prayer and study. The third Sunday of each month is a special song service.

      Bible Classes for all Ages - Sunday 10 AM

      Our children are studying "Loving Hearts and Working Hands" covering the United Kingdom period of Bible history.

      The teens are studying a survey of the New Testament

      The adults are studying the book of Luke.

      Worship and Communion Service - Sunday 11 AM

      Join us for a Biblical worship service as we gather to praise and seek God together. All are welcome to experience acapella congregational worship and hear teachings from the inspired Scriptures.

      Bible Classes for all Ages - Wednesday 7:30 PM

      Our children are studying "Loving Hearts and Working Hands" covering the United Kingdom period of Bible history.

      The adults and teens are studying the book of Hebrews.

    Listen, Learn and Grow

    Access a library of thought-provoking and uplifting sermons that delve deep into the Scriptures and provide valuable insights for your spiritual journey. Whether you missed a service or want to revisit a powerful message, our sermons are just a click away

    Bible History: When did the Exodus Occur?

    An exploration of Bible History in our quest to unravel the enigma of the Exodus timeline. Join us as we embark on a journey through ancient times, delving deep into the heart of one of the most iconic events in biblical narrative: the Exodus. The burning question we're here to answer: When Did the Exodus Occur?

    Salvation Assurance: How Do I Know That I Am Saved?

    This study that delves into the crucial topic of "Salvation Assurance." If you've ever questioned your place in heaven, felt the weight of doubt, or longed for unwavering confidence in your faith journey, this study is for you.

    Bible Accuracy Examined: The Path to Unshakeable Faith

    An exploration of the Bible's accuracy and unwavering reliability. In a world where questions about the Scriptures abound, we embark on a journey to uncover the truth and shed light on the unshakeable faith that stems from its authenticity.

    There is more! Explore our full library of sermons and teachings.

    Visit the Sermon Library

    What Our Members and Visitors Say:

    "Trying to do God's Will"

    "Great bunch of people trying to know the will of God and then do it. It is an honor to spend time worshiping with these folks!."

    Gale Towles

    "Warm hospitality"

    "The hospitality of this congregation was warm. Their love for the Lord and his Word immense.."

    Kenny Peden

    "Growing in God's Word!"

    "My experience at this church was extremely impactful not only in my life but my husband’s life as well. We found this church around 2016 and we both got baptized here. We grew in God's word and were surrounded by true believers of Christ that take our Lord seriously. They are full of love, patience and hospitality and more this congregation will forever have a special place in my heart. I wouldn’t be a disciple of Christ if it wasn’t for this church

    Cierra Birdsall

    "Feels like Family"

    "I haven't been to church since I was a little girl & I have been hesitant to return for years now. I could not have felt more welcomed, invited and truly loved & accepted as I do here. I highly recommend that if there's anyone out there looking for a church to call home, there's not one better (in my opinion) in the Roanoke valley. Amazing Bible studies and & services all around. Incredibly loving congregation. Thank you for bringing me back where my heart and soul belong... & thank you for always making my daughters and I feel like family! Love you all so very much!."

    Jagger French

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